Amara's Testimonial

I started working with Katie in December 2009 and worked with her over a two year period.  I came to see Katie for healing, both a physical and psychological transition. I had tried many other energy modalities and had achieved some good results but not enough to satisfy me. Many of the difficulties I was experiencing had patterns to them. Some were medication-related and when medication changed, the psychological side effects also increased.

The outcome of my healing work over the past three years (I was seeing Katie for two of those years) has been very pleasing to me. Although I do other things beside the Past Life Therapy, or ‘PLT’, I found results from the PLT to be invaluable. I noticed calmness in mood and a greater sense of wholeness; being able to conduct my life in general without ‘stops and starts’ or inexplicable psychic barriers. I feel more integrated overall, finding it easier to approach difficulties in life. After two years of PLT, I felt I had “cleaned house” so to speak and I didn’t have the kinds of unconscious triggers I had prior to the work with Katie.

The PLT made me very aware of the threads of consciousness that pervade the human psyche. These threads often have lynch-pin lifetimes and are therefore compounded by every subsequent lifetime. Many of these threads are based on paradigms that existed in the past and still do such as the religious proclivity to self-sacrifice or the social proclivity to conform.

Katie is well versed in her craft. Although the technique is relatively simple, I would say there is tremendous knowledge required in conducting a successful session of this PLT. Katie has always come across as skilled and aware with the integrity of one who expects high standards from herself, giving the client a superior and genuine result from the work. I would recommend Katie to anyone considering PLT.

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