"A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them....Whenever we give up, leave behind, and forget too much, there is always the danger that the things we have neglected will return with added force."
(Carl Jung)

Archetypal and Sacred Contract Consultations

Understanding your own personal Archetypes and Sacred Contracts is a process through which you become more conscious.  More conscious of who you are, of your relationships, of your role here on earth. It is not a process to be rushed - but one to be savoured and enjoyed as you begin to understand the wonderful depths of your soul.  You are learning to speak a new language - the language of your soul - a language which will allow you so see everything through new eyes. 

When we are looking at your Archetypes and your Sacred Contracts, we are, by definition in a 'sacred' space, looking at Divine energies.  Understanding them offers us what is arguably the greatest reward possible - living into our highest divine potential in this lifetime. 

In working with you to identify your Archetypes and Sacred Contracts, I use a combination of intuition, astrology and exercises with you to perform an indepth review of the archetypal patterns at play in your life. 

The goal of my Archetypal Consultations with you is to help you to start speaking the language of your own archetypes, and to live into your full evolutionary potential. 

Consultation options

I offer two options, in relation to helping you identify your archetypes and sacred contracts:

In addition to these two options, I also offer an Online Program which combines online learning with feedback from myself and finishes with one-on-one consultations. For more information on the Online Program, click here.

Uncovering your Archetypal Palette Package (ten to twelve month package)

In this package, we do twelve one-hour sessions over a year.  These sessions can be done in person (in North Sydney/Cammeray) or by phone/Skype. During each session we identify your archetypal patterns and I give you exercises/meditations to do between sessions which will help you to spend time and uncover and understand your archetypes.

Once we have a good feel for your 12 archetypal patterns, we cast an archetypal chart.  From this we look at your Sacred Contracts.  I normally do this in conjunction with your Astrological chart as together they paint a holistic picture of the opportunities and challenges that your Archetypal Palette, and therefore this lifetime offers you.

This package is suitable for those who are looking to go on a spiritual journey into their soul, and gain a greater depth of understanding to why they are here. 

One-off Ad-hoc Archetypal Consultations

This Consultation is suitable for those of you who wish to undertake the journey into the world of Archetypes on your own, and just need help either in getting started or to get feedback on one or two archetypal patterns that you are not certain of.

Or perhaps you've already worked out what your 12 archetypes are and you just want to validate them with someone or get another view on your natal archetypal chart.

This Consultation can be either one hour or one-and-a-half hours in length, depending on what will meet your needs.

More Information

For more information on an the Archetypal and Sacred Contracts Consultations and/or to get the latest pricing information, you can complete the 'Book or Enquire a Consultation' form. 

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Important Note:

Any consultation you have with Katie, is not intended to replace or interfere with any medical or psychiatric treatment and is intended for healthy people.