"I don't know if others are experiencing the same thing, but for me, the course has been my 'bible', helping me to move from a fearing, security and approval seeking person to a woman making her own mark on this earth. I thank you from the depths of my heart for helping me along this journey."
(Alice, AYDP Student)

Awaken Your Divine Potential - Online Certificate

When you see the world through your five senses, you are looking at life in the physical world - the world of man.  When you see world symbolically, through the realm of archetypes, you are seeing it from a divine perspective.  If you can combine information from your five sense with your insights from being able to view the world archetypally, you develop an insight, wisdom and a sense of personal power that just cannot be gained through the physical world alone.

The Awaken Your Divine Potential uses the concept of Archetypes and Sacred Contracts to help you to gain a 'Divine' perspective on your life - to get insight into both your external and your internal life.  An insight that will give you the most powerful information you can have about achieving your highest potential. 

As you do the Program, you begin to see your life as the creative process that it is - as a story you are writing, or as a painting your crafting.  And you begin to understand the role that you play in the creation process, and the role that the Divine plays - the process of 'co-creation'.

AYDP Program Overview

There are two stages to the Awaken Your Divine Potential Program:

  • Guided Self-Exploration - this is the first stage of the process, and includes seven online modules which guide you through the world of Archetypes and Sacred Contracts.  Each module contains five lectures and five sets of exercises, all of which are done online.  When you've completed each module, I review what you've done and give you feedback on your Archetypes and your comments.
  • One-on-One Consultations - once you've completed the Guided Self-Exploration Modules, we then do five one-on-one consultations together.  In those Consultations we create your Archetypal Natal Chart, look at the interpretation of it and start working with it. 

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