What is co-creation?

I've mentioned the concept of co-creation recently in a number of articles, and after receiving a few questions about it, thought I'd write a short article explaining it briefly.

The concept of creation is such an amazing topic, that it's hard to condense into a few short paragraphs.  It speaks to the essence of ongoing life on this earth.  Further, our role in the creation process speaks to both the innate power each of us has within us and the beauty in each of our lives as they contribute to the tapestry of life on this earth.  This is reflected in the following quote from Gerald May's book The Awakened Heart:
"The great dance of creation implies a moving toward, not an arrival.  It is a continual becoming, not a final accomplishment.  In it, we human beings are drawn toward greater love and ever-expanding freedom by virtue of a desire so intimate within us that it is inseparable from our very being."
There are a myriad of different theories around the concept of creation and the role each of us plays in creating our own reality.  My preferred theory is that of co-creation – which factors in both the role of the Divine in our lives as well as the fact that each of us has responsibility and ownership of the path we walk down.

Author Shakti Gawain talks about how the concept of co-creation empowered her, and shifted her perspective from one where she believed that she was a ‘victim of life’ to one which “put the power” back into her hands. She explains though, that it is not really each of us that is ‘doing’ the creating, but rather it is alignment with the Divine – which she refers to as ‘a higher power’ – which “creates everything and that comes through [us]".

Thus, our role in the creation process becomes to realise that we are each a mirror for the 'blazing light of a thousand suns' - that is the glory of the Divine.  Or put more eloquently by Gerald May:

"Creation needs you for your love;  love needs you for your creation.  God needs you for yourself.  Your heart has a sense of it already, and it is ready to join the flow of grace to guide you into ever-expanding presence.  Seek the presence of love everywhere.  Let there be no dark corners....Know that there will be both joy and pain in the seeking and finding.  Things will change and become more free."

 For more information on the role that archetypes play in how you create your reality, click here.   

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