Brain filters and Past Life Memories

Whether we are aware of it or not, each of our brains has an amazing capacity to store and retrieve information across multiple lifetimes.   During every day, our brain is receiving millions of pieces of information from multiple sources all the time.  Because we can only 'consciously' process or review a limited amount of information at any one time, our brain has 'filters' which are constantly being 'tuned' so that they provide us with the information that the filter believes is 'most' relevant to us at any one point in time. 

Some examples of how our brain 'filters' are constantly changing are:
  • People who live next to a noisy road stop hearing the noise from the road: when they first move in, the noise is really obvious to them, but after a while their brain 'filters' learn that the people aren't 'utilising' the information they were previously passing on about the noise, and they stop passing the information on to the person's conscious brain and start focusing on information that the person is actually utilising;

  • Hairdressers stop being able to smell the strong chemicals in hair salons: anyone who has been into a haidresser where they colouring or otherwise applying chemicals to people's hair will know how strong the smell is.  But if you ask a hairdresser how they can stand being near the strong smells all day, they will most likely tell you that they no longer smell it.  This is not because their nose has ceased to function, it is because their brain 'filters' have stopped passing the information on to their conscious brain area as the person was not using the information. 

  • If you are in a room or space where there is no light for 3 weeks and then go into a lit environment, you will not be able to see: as with the previous two examples, there is little point for the brain to continue to pass on information from the person's eyes, as it is of no use to the person. The person hasn't actually lost the use of their eyes, it is just that their brain 'filters' have stopped passing the information they received from the eyes on as it was of no use.

The same filters applies to our memories - when we stop utilising information from our memories, it becomes harder and harder for us to access it.  It's not that the memories aren't there any more, it's just that as we haven't used the information from them, our brain 'filters' learn to stop passing the information on.

A good example of this is that young children are often still able to recall events from their past lives.  A 5 minute video was aired recently on the Fox news network in the US and it documents a young boy's memories of one of his past lives.  If you're unable to see a video screen immediately below this line, then click here to link to the video directly on youtube (it will appear in a pop-up window).


When you do Past Life Therapy, we use techniques to 'bypass' the brain filters to allow you to access past life memories and work with them.

For more information on Past Life Therapy, click here.

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