Past Life Therapy - A therapy whose time has come

Whilst an awareness and knowledge of Reincarnation and Past Lives and their impact has been around for as long as records have j0406922been kept - working with them  to effect healing is still a relatively new therapeutic model.  In fact, arguably the first book published on Past Life Therapy was by Dr Morris Netherton in 1978 - when he published his book Past Lives Therapy. Since then, there have been a number of authors who have written about the power of working with Past Lives.  Many of them are psychologists who have literally stumbled across the existence of Past Lives when they have been exploring their clients' earlier memories.  Unable to discount the truth and effectiveness of working with what they have discovered in their clients' past lives, many psychologists and other healers who previously had no belief in reincarnation have had to revisit their assumptions and presumptions in this area.

Expanding consciousness.....

If you look at the major shifts that have happened in the last 30 years, one of the key outcomes of them is that we have broken down barriers in communication and our abilities to connect with each other - expanding our limits both physically in terms of where we can travel and mentally in terms of our ability to access information.  Whether through email, the internet or the fact that we have faster modes of transport than ever before which now mean you can technically travel around the world in less than 48 hours (instead of the 80 days which was previously considered a significant feat) - we now have unprecedented access to information and to each other.  

At the same time, many writers - including Caroline Myss - speak of our increasing levels of consciousness - the fact that many of us are starting to develop and embrace 'multi-sensory' capabilities which give us access to information and knowledge outside the realm of our normal five senses.  Another common theme amongst spiritual authors is the theme of expanding consciousness, of awakening, of awareness and it's ability to free us from the past.

Working with your past lives through Past Life Therapy continues this theme of expansion and connection.  Just as we now readily have the ability to travel through space and to access information with the clicking of a few buttons - we now have the ability to travel through, to  recall and access information about our own experiences of consciousness.

How and why does this facilitate healing?

In any model of reincarnation or theory of consciousness which factors in Past Lives, it is widely accepted that our experiences of consciousness are 'cumulative'.  And by that I mean that what we do, what we learn, what we experience in past lives impacts us in this lifetime as we 'evolve' and grow.  In practice this means that we carry with us from lifetime to lifetime both strengths that we can use and issues that need to be resolved.  In the words of Dr Morris Netherton – the creator of Past Life Therapy:

“For 45 years, I have processed over forty thousand sessions in which people lifted the boundaries of their minds and changed their lives.  Many sought therapy to heal physical and emotional pain and did, indeed, free themselves of addictions, phobias, and physical problems.  Many others, however, expanded their lives by exploring the far boundaries of their soul’s evolution.  They discovered earlier existences in which events and situations continue to create the structure of their lives today.  They learned that spiritual evolution determines who they are from cell to soul.  The exploration of this evolutionary process is what I call Past Life Therapy.

I am filled with wonder as I watch clients identify, relive and release unresolved issues from experiences across the vast expanses of time.  In a process which brings the unconscious conscious, the mind is allowed to resolve the events that have unknowingly motivated and influenced the current life experience.  Through exploration and integration of these events, today’s living becomes free of past influences and gains the ability to make choices—and to respond instead of react.”
(From Strangers in the Land of Confusion)

More about Past Life Therapy

Past Life Therapy is different from straight Past Life Regression (which just means to regress you back to your past lives) - as it is a method to not only 'look' at your past lives, but also to resolve any outstanding issues from those lifetimes that are still affecting you today.  Straight hypnosis will take you 'back' to the lifetime, and sometimes simply understanding or 'seeing' the lifetime can bring insight and healing.  More commonly however, whilst understanding where a problem has come from is helpful, some further work or 'therapy' is needed to shift unhelpful patterns and bring healing. 

For more information on Past Life Therapy, click here

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In considering the composition of Morris Netherton above, Katie, I note that there is reference made to clients finding an ability to "identify, relive and release unresolved issues from experiences across the vast expanses of time" - as you mention.Yet I find myself at variance with Morris here by the simple awareness that, in the annals of existence, time is but the first man made machine. There is, however, a key to deeper awareness awaiting discovery by considering that, time, the measurement, if bypassed and replaced by a contemplation of existence alone, brings into play a more accurate element by which to gauge the peregrinations and constancy of an individual life which is, of course, the essential ingredient of energy - the soul."Ah man - you vain yet glorious being. How far must you descend in order that you might reach the top?" - Smiles David.ollamhofaus

March 8, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDai Gratia

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