Seeing with 'Soul eyes'

When things don't go as expected or planned, we often say they have gone 'wrong'.  From the car breaking down,  losing a job, being unwell through to a relationship ending.  Very few people 'plan' for these things to happen - so when they do, it's easy to feel like things have gone off track, or even that our world is falling apart.

But what's typically happening when things don't go as planned, is that our Soul is bringing us back on track - opening up new paths, new opportunities, whether big or small.

With 'human eyes' we have limited sight - we see only what is right in front of us.  And when what's right in front of us is gone or altered, when our 'plans' or expectations don't come to fruition, we can get scared, angry and even bitter.

But with 'soul eyes' we see much larger possibilities and opportunities to live into our highest divine potential. With 'soul eyes' we see the big picture. We can see how we have to give up one thing in order to move into something that is new and more aligned with our highest potential in this lifetime.

Next time something doesn't go as planned, no matter how big or small, try and resist labeling it as 'wrong' and instead stay alert for opportunities and possibilities.  It's helpful to stay 'in the moment' at all times - but especially when things aren't going as planned.  Remember, you don't always need to know your destination, you just need to know the next step to take.

This doesn't mean you don't get angry, scared or sad - these are natural emotions that can help you to transition through tough times. But 'know' that a new path, a new opportunity will open up for you when the time is right. And often it reveals itself bit by bit, rather than all at once.

So when things don't go as planned, try and slow down - take things one step at a time and know that you aren't lost, you aren't off track, you're just finding a new path, or perhaps taking a diversion on the one you are already on!

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