"Archetypes are not intellectually invented.  They are always there and they produce certain processes in the unconscious one could best compare with myths. That’s the origins of mythology.  Mythology is dramatization of a series of images that formulate the life of the archetypes."
(Carl Jung)

Different Types of Archetypes

The Four Core Archetypal Energies

There are four core archetypal energies - which represent the four core aspects of being:

  • The way you Act - your physical body
  • The way you Feel - your emotions, value and relationship
  • The way you Think - your beliefs and the way you see the world
  • Your Spirit - empowerment and sovereignty over your life

Caroline Myss refers to the archetypal energies that represent these aspects of being as your survival archetypes - so fundamental are they to your existence. We all have these four core archetypal energies as part of our 12 core archetypes

Each of these Four Pillars has two core archetypes which support it and travel with you.  These are:

  • The Action Pillar - Victim/Warrior
  • The Emotions Pillar - Prostitute/Lover
  • The Thought Pillar - Saboteur/Magician
  • The Spirit or Empowerment Pillar - Child/Sovereign

To learn more about the four pillars, click here for an article.

To learn more about these core archetypes and how to work with them, see the Awaken Your Divine Potential Program

The Archetypal Rainbow

Just as a colour printer can create all the colours in the rainbow from just four different toners, all other archetypes are molded from these four core archetypal energies.  And just as there are an infinite number of colours, there are an infinite number of archetypal energies or patterns.

That said, as with colours, there are common and well known archetypal energies and families of archetypal energies - such as the Healer, the Artist, the Knight etc.

In my Online Program - Awaken Your Divine Potential - I go through over 100 archetypal energies in some detail, covering their plot lines, highest potential, key challenges and when to call them on their particular healing energies. 

List of Major Archetypes

Caroline Myss has a list of some major archetypal energies on her website. This is a good starting point to read through and see which ones resonate with you - and at the same time, which ones don't.  Both are just as important as each other when you are looking to identify your archetypes.

Click here for a list of Archetypes.

More Information

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