Gina's Testimonial

I am a GP (General Practitioner) and have been a doctor for more than 15 years. In my role as a GP, I am constantly looking at ways that I can help my patients.I first read about Past Life Therapy a few years ago when I read Dr Weiss' work and decided to try it personally for a number of physical and emotional issues.

When I first started doing Past Life Therapy I had chronic epigastric pain and endemetriosis (leading to severe menstrual pain). I had undertaken a number of treatments for both of these issues, including an operation for the endemetriosis, but was still troubled by both.Since working with Katie I have seen a dramatic improvement in both - in fact the results are far better than the laproscopic surgery I had.We are still working on the past life issues related to both these issues, and I believe that both will resolve themselves completely with further therapy.

In addition to these physical issues, I had an unhealthy attachment to my son - and was fearful of letting him leave to go off and study at university. Since working with Katie, I am now able to let him go and separation from him no longer brings me pain.

As a GP, I had not only tried traditional medicine, but also a number of alternative therapies including psychotherapy, bioidentical hormones, acupuncture and chinese herbs - but none of these had worked.

For me, Past Life Therapy has brought fast and life changing results.

I would highly recommend working with Katie.She is a gifted professional who is warm, caring and has been very patient and gentle in helping me to see the truth!

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