"It is not God’s function to create, or uncreate, the circumstances in your life.  God created you.  You create the rest."
(Neale Donald Walsche)

Identifying your Archetypes

I know four, maybe five phrases in French.  I know how to say hallo, goodbye, thankyou and I can order a Croissant with a cup of tea. But that's about the extent of it.  If I'm travelling in France, this enables me to communicate in a very rudimentary fashion with the French, but quite obviously I cannot have an indepth conversation with them in French. To do this would require me to delve into the language properly - to learn it's nuances and get a feel for how the language works.

Learning to speak Archetype

Learning about archetypes is learning to speak the language of your soul.  It is developing the ability to see the world through different eyes - to develop what Caroline Myss calls 'symbolic sight'.  This is not a superficial exercise. 

In fact, one common misconception that people have when they start looking into archetypal patterns, is that identifying your own archetypal energies is a bit like taking a Cosmo Quiz or even a personality test.  That you can just answer some questions and whizz-bang, your archetypes are identified and you can go on your merry way.

True soul wisdom just doesn't work like that.  If you want to understand the very fabric of life itself - which is what archetypal energies represent - then you need to take the time to get to know your archetypal energies, to work out the role they have played in your life and the potential that they offer you.

Identifying your Archetypal Palette

The analogy I often use to explain archetypes to people, is that of an artist.  The soul is the artist and your archetypal energies form the archetypal palette that your soul uses to co-create your life's journey with the Divine. 

Identifying your Archetypal Palette involves a combination of intuition and learning to look at your life with symbolic sight.  It involves working out not only what archetypal energies you have on your palette, but also how you have used them in your life. 

Jim Curtan, who is one of the core lecturers alongside Caroline Myss at the CMED Institute, describes the process of identifying your archetypes as being like an 'archaeological dig'.  If you've ever seen an archaeological dig, they don't go divine in with bulldozers or even shovels.  They painstakingly sweep away the dirt and rubbel and bit-by-bit they uncover the treasure underneath.

What you are doing when you undertake this exercise, is that you are identifying the archetypal patterns of power that are within you.  In naming and understanding these 'patterns' in your life, you are capturing all the stories and myths that are contained within that power and that are playing out in your life. 

My own journey into the world of Archetypes

In my own personal journey into the world of archetypes, it took me two years to come up with my 12 core archetypal energies.  Over those two years, I found that each of my personal archetypal energies 'revealed' themselves to me - showing me my life through each of their eyes and helping me to understand the strengths, key challenges and potential that each of them offers to me.

I was lucky enough to be studying at the Caroline Myss institute (CMED) at the time, so was able to get feedback from the lecturers and other students in identifying my own archetypal patterns.  Caroline Myss had warned us that when we started looking at our archetypes that we would start by picking the archetypes we aspired to rather than the ones we actually were.  I found that talking to others, it gave me a different perspective and others were able to point out 'obvious' patterns that I was blind to because they were so inherent in the way I do things. 

Options for identifying your Archetypal Energies

In Caroline Myss's book on Archetypes, Sacred Contracts, she outlines some questions and exercises you can do to identify your archetypal energies.  These are a good start and will help you to get started on the journey into your own personal world of archetypes.

For those looking for assistance in identifying their archetypal energies and archetypal skills, I offer a number of different options from an online program through to personal consultations:

1.Self-Paced Online Learning Program (the 'AYDP' Program)

For people who prefer a step-by-step approach to identifying their archetypes, and would like to be guided through a journey, but still work at their own pace, my Online Program - Awaken your Divine Potential - offers you the opportunity to work through a series of exercises and guides to help you to both understand your own archetypal energies and those of others around you.

I provide you with regular feedback on your exercises and work with you to identify your archetypal patterns and learn to work with them.

For more information on the Awaken Your Divine Potential Online Program, click here.

2. Uncovering Your Archetypal Pallete (individual sessions)

This is a series of ten one hour sessions done over ten to twelve months.  We meet either in person or over the phone/Skype and we go on the journey together to uncover and get to know your Archetypal Energies and Sacred Contracts and learn how to work with them.

For more information on the Uncovering Your Archetypal Palette, click here.

3. One-Off Archetypal Consultations (individual sessions)

For those who feel that they have a fairly good feel for their Archetypal Energies and just want some feedback on specific archetypes or their Sacred Contracts, you are more than welcome to come in for a one-off session.  Sometimes it can help to get a different perspective on it, and you will find that somebody else looking at the same thing as you may identify a pattern that you hadn't thought ot.

For more information on one-off Archetypal Consultations, click here.

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