Ivan's Testimonial

After reading several books by Brian Weiss, I would say sheer curiosity is what drove me to explore the world of past lives with Katie.  I had no specific issues in mind when I first went to see Katie, but it was great to explore some of the issues I have with “trust”. To find out I was betrayed several times in past lives was key to understand why I cannot trust in this lifetime.

Also, we deeply explored some of my relationships with family members and former partners.  To know what happened between myself and these individuals and the unfinished business we carried forward, helped explain the challenges faced in these relationships in this lifetime.

Overall, exploring these physical and emotional issues by going deep in my past lives has helped me forgive those that have hurt me, be more trusting of those that I want to help me and understand the reason of the challenges I am facing now.

In addition, I have learned to be more trusting of the Divine and to listen closer to my inner voice. This has allowed me to connect the dots and understand the symbolic meaning of significant events and people I have run past in this lifetime.

Overall, I am now able to make the tough decisions knowing they will serve me better in the long term. Katie has been great in helping me translate all this precious information into insights and action plans for this lifetime.

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