Lilian's Testimonial

My friend highly recommended Katie and told me that she can help us to dissolve or identify any inner blocks we have.  I was having trouble totally letting go of one of my ex-boyfriends. I couldn’t understand why he had treated me that way and couldn’t truly forgive him.

And so I went to see Katie.

Katie dehypnotized me and through the regression, I understand our interaction in the previous life and know why he mistreated me emotionally in this life time. More than 5 years after we broke up, I can finally totally let go of all the bitterness towards him.  I can finally let go of the past and fully live in today. It’s a big relief for me emotionally.

Since the regression work, I have become lighter and happier. It reopened my heart so other people can come into in and I found I could fall in love again.

Katie is very patient and non-judgemental. 

I would highly recommend anyone who has some un-solved emotional issues that can’t be explained by logical reasons, to see Katie. I would also suggest that you let go of caring if the regression memory is a true previous life experience or just your imagination. You may be quite surprised by the result.

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