Mystics Calendar 2013 Order Form

To order one or more copies of the Mystics Calendar 2013, please enter your details below. 

As this is a small one-off print job, I'm only doing one print run, which means that I'm only accepting orders up until midday on Monday December 3, 2012.  So you'll need to be quick if you want one!

Cost and Payment

Calendars cost $29.95 each plus delivery costs (ie $7.95 for one calendar and an extra $2 per calendar for Australian orders.  International orders need to be quoted on.)

You won't be asked to pay anything when you submit your order - just whether you'd prefer to pay by EFT or by Credit Card.  We'll then send you payment details, depending on your preferred method. 

Other Details

Calendars will be printed the week ending December 7 2012, and you should get them in the mail the following week. There's no returns or refunds provided.

I'd like to order a Mystic's Calendar for 2013, and my details are......

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