"The benefits of regression therapy extend far beyond the alleviation of symptoms. 
Healing often results on all levels of our being,
including the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual."
(Dr. Brian Weiss)

Past Life Therapy Consultations

The overall process of Past Life Therapy aims to:

  • release you from unresolved issues from Past Lives, and
  • engage understanding and wisdom that you have gained in the past that would benefit you today. 

It's goal is to enable you to be more present and more engaged in creating your current life in the here and now, and to release and engage the opportunities and potential that this lifetime creates. 

Initial Consultation

Because Past Life Therapy is focused on releasing you to be more present in the here and now, the inital consultation focuses on this lifetime.  Together we look for key themes and patterns in this lifetime which link to your past lives.  We also talk about what it is that you are trying to achieve with the Therapy.  Even where people come with no specific issue identified, I typically find that there is a specific past life or lives relevant to your current circumstances which has 'drawn' you to be interested in doing Past Life Therapy. 

Many people find this process healing in and of itself, as they begin to understand and see patterns that they hadn't understood prior to this point.

This initial consultation takes an hour and a half and can be done by phone/Skype or in person (for those in Sydney).  We don't do any actual regression work in this session, this happens in the next session - which is the First Regression Session.

Subsequent Regression Sessions

The first regressions session normally takes place in our second session together, and is normally two hours in length. In it we link back to the most relevant lifetime that is related to the issue (or issues) that you are looking to resolve. 

Thereafter, subsequent sessions are normally an hour and a half or two hours in length.  Longer sessions allow us to normally finish any life that we regress to, although in some cases, it is necessary to continue a regression over more than one session. The length of time it takes to finish 'reviewing' a particular lifetime will depend on the intensity and/or breadth of relevant experiences in that lifetime.  Think of it this way - if you are telling a short story, it will take less time to tell than a longer story. 

My preference is that the first regression session is done in person, rather than over the phone, so that I can see how your body is relaxing.  I am currently exploring the possibility of doing this session via Video Skype as well for those who don't live in Sydney.

Therapy needs to be done over time

If you are considering investing your time and energy into Past Life Therapy, it's important to recognise that it is a 'Therapy'.  Whilst many Therapists and patients find that Past Life Therapy works far more quickly than traditional therapies, it is still a therapy.  And like most therapies, it is best done over time. 

If you go to see a Physiotherapist or a Chiropractor, you don't expect to go in once with a sore neck or back or other physical injury and come out fixed after one session.  Very occassionally, if your injury is only fairly trivial, one treatment is all that is needed.  But the norm is that you go in for a number of sessions over time.

The same is true of Past Life Therapy.  You can't judge its effectiveness after a single session.  As with Physiotherapy or Chiropractic treatments, some people see amazing results after one session.  But the norm is that it requires a number of sessions to start to see an impact.

Frequency and number of Sessions

This varies from person to person depending on their specific situation.  At one end of the spectrum, there are past life intensives.  This is particularly useful for those who don't live in Sydney or those who have chronic conditions such as anxiety of phobias.  Past Life Intensives are normally done over two to three days and involve doing around four hours of sessions per day.  They can be incredibly powerful in shifting long term patterns.

More commonly however, people commit to doing a session somewhere between once a week and once a month. 

In terms of the number of sessions you will need, a rough estimate is that it will normally take between three to ten sessions (not including the initial consultation) for each issue that you are looking to resolve. This is not a hard and fast rule - as issues are often intertwined, but it is a good guide.

How does the Past Life Regression work?

In a Past Life Regression session, you enter a hypnotic state.  There's nothing magical about this.  In Dr Weiss's words, the hypnotic state is merely a 'relaxed focused state of hypnosis'. 

The process I use to help you enter this state varies from person to person.  Commonly I use a process known as clinical 'dehypnosis' - which uses physical, emotional and mental triggers to access 'unconscious' memories  of past lives. 

You remain fully conscious throughout the session and are fully aware of the past lives you are viewing. This means that you are able to 'consciously' experience memories of your past live and has the advantage of linking the unconsious and conscious minds - making the unconscious conscious.

One of the key advantages of this methodology is that it enables you to access unconscious 'conditioning or programming' and consciously reframe it.  Painful memories from past lives whih may have been affecting you in this lifetime can be resolved and closed out. 

Resolution of past life issues 'at the source' can then have an immediate impact on a person's physical, mental and emotional energetic bodies in this lifetime - which is what brings about healing.

More Information

If you'd like to make an appointment, get more information on Past Life Therapy, enquire about current costs, or would like to talk with me directly about your current circumstances and whether Past Life Therapy would work for you, either complete the Contact Us form or call the office on (02) 8003 4599.


Important Note:

Any consultation you have with Katie, is not intended to replace or interfere with any medical or psychiatric treatment and is intended for healthy people.