"In a process which brings the unconscious conscious, the mind is allowed to resolve the events that have unknowingly motivated and influenced the current life experience.  Through exploration and integration of these events, today’s living becomes free of past influences and gains the ability to make choices—and to respond instead of react."
(Dr. Morris Netheron)

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Therapy is growing in popularity as more and more people are looking for healing modalities which provide them with complimentary healing oportunities as well as increased consciousness and awareness.

In recent years, following on from Dr Brian Weiss' best selling books and appearances on shows like Oprah, there has been in an increasing awareness of the effectiveness of Past Life Therapy.  Further, the growing number of documented cases of people for whom Past Life Therapy has had a life-changing impact has lead to ever increasing numbers of people seeking this type of therapy. 

In fact, the reknowned US Neurologist and Author, Dr Norman Shealy M.D. Ph. D. - who has dedicated the last fifty years to researching and identifying effective alternative healing modalities - said the following of Past Life Therapy:

"For 56 years, I have studied, experienced, used and taught a wide variety of approaches to help people overcome chronic illnesses.  In 1972, I first experienced Past Life Therapy and have since used it in thousands of cases.  There is no other therapy as powerful.
(February, 2010) 

What is Past Life Therapy?

Put simply, Past Life Therapy is a form of therapy which enables you to remove and release unresolved unconsious, unhelpful reactions and/or patterns - whether these are emotional, mental or physical.  Its goal is to enable you to move to a place where you are making truly conscious choices in the now.  

 In essence, Past Life Therapy can be be described as:

  • Untangling, uncovering and letting go of unhelpful or harmful beliefs, behaviour and emotional patterns that are embedded in the unconscious; and
  • Moving from a pattern of unconscious reaction to one of conscious choice - bringing freedom from the past in the present.

Where has Past Life Therapy come from?

The philosophical concept of past lives and reincarnation is arguably as old as time itself.  Certainly it has been a part of all the world's major religions at some stage.  It was even a part of Christian doctrine up until the 4th century AD, and in fact is still noted in various sections of the bible. (To read more 'evidence suggestive of reincarnation', click here.)

In terms of working with Past Lives as part of the healing process, it has long been a part of shamanic practices in many tribal cultures.  In the West however, it has only fairly recently been recognised as an effective healing modality.

Edgar Cayce, a devout christian who lived at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, became famous for his prophetic and healing abilities.  He was arguably one of the first 'alternative' healers in the West who recognised the link between current health problems and unresolved issues from past lives.

Dr. Morris Netherton

Dr Netherton is arguably the original pioneer of Past Life Therapy.  His book, Past Life Therapy, was published in 1978 and was the first in the field of regression therapy.  Dr Netherton has taught Past Life Therapy in the US, Europe and Asia and established the Association for the Alignment of Past Life Experiences.

I studied with Dr Netherton in the USA, and achieved my qualification as a Master Practitioner of Past Life Therapy with him. 

In the five minute video below, Dr. Norm Shealy interviews Dr Morris Netherton about the power of Past Life Therapy.  The video also includes comments from people they have worked with and the impact it has on their lives:

Dr. Brian Weiss

The other key Past Life Therapist that I have studied with is Dr Brian Weiss. 

Dr Weiss is probably the best known Past Life Therapist today.  He started his career as a traditional psychotherapist, having graduated from the prestigous schools of Columbia and Yale. In the mid '80s, he 'happened' upon past lives when one of his patients regressed to a past life when under hypnosis.  Dr Weiss became convinced of the efficacy of Past Life Therapy when that same patient - now made famous by his book Many Lives, Many Masters - was cured of emotional issues she had been struggling with for quite some time, and for which conventional methods of treatment had as yet failed to prove effective. 

In the video below, Dr Weiss answers some common questions about Past Life Therapy:

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