"Beloved, I am so glad you are happy to see me.
Beloved, I am so very glad, so very glad you have come."

Testimonials, Comments and Endorsements

The thing I love most about the work I do is being able to help people to make real change in their lives.  There is nothing more gratifying than helping people to be free from what restricts them, and begin to recognise and grow into their life's true potential.  It is a privilege to share this with them.

A number of these wonderful people agreed to write their stories so that you could hear their experiences first hand.  These are included in the Testimonials section below. As with the Case Studies, names and some immaterial details may have been changed, but the core details are exactly as it happened.

The Endorsements section contains comments from leaders in the Altnerative Medicine field. 

And last, but not least, the Comments section includes comments from people who have taken the Awaken Your Divine Potential course.